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    FENDT Slicer 3160TLXKC Mower Conditioner

    Category: Mower

    FENDT Slicer 3160TLXKC Mower Conditioner

    Brand: Fendt
    Model: 3160 TLXKC
    Price: £12,900-00
    New/Used: New

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    Fendt Slicer 3160TLXKC, 3.1m Rear Mounted Mower Conditioner

    The Fendt Slicer TLX features wide area coverage, an exceptional cut and easy handling, mainly courtesy of the special centre suspension. The mower unit on the Fendt Slicer TLX is suspended at the centre of gravity. This ensures excellent ground following to protect the sward. On the Slicer TLX, the TurboLift system also provides a unique floating cut.

    The diagonal transport folding of the Slicer TLX turns the tractor and mower into one unit on the road. Depending on the operating width, the mower folds open by up to 120°. This gives you the best possible weight distribution, compact transport size and low transport height for safe and easy road transport. Alternatively, the Slicer TLX can also be suspended in the diagonal position and parked compactly.

    Heavy duty Cutting bed with 6 Cutting discs

    Quick release blades

    Hydropneumatic Suspension

    The KC tine conditioner for the Fendt Slicer mowers has an easily adjustable counter comb which can be used to adjust the conditioning intensity with five settings. This really protects the forage; it stays strong and retains its structure. therefore allowing consistent conditioning, especially when it comes to grass. The tines are of course secured against loss.

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