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    CLAYDON Hybrid T4.8

    *DUE IN* JULY 2022

    Used 2018 Year,
    Trailed T4.8 Drill,
    Hybrid front tine with Stone Pro
    7″ ‘A’ Shares
    Levelling Boards
    4500 Acres/1837 Hectares

    CLAYDON 7.5m Straw Harrow

    *ON ORDER*

    Claydon Straw Harrows create a micro tilth in the top 30mm of soil, using the retained moisture for fast, even weed germination. They rake out and destroy weeds at the cotyledon and one‐leaf stage, removing a food source for slugs. Straw Harrows break up slug nests and desiccate their eggs by mixing up and exposing damp chaff and straw to sunlight.

    The robust Claydon Straw Harrows have been designed for fast action and maximum effect. At speeds of up to 25km/h, they shatter straw and break it up for faster decomposition. They can be used before or after cultivations to level soil and create a fine tilth.

    CLAYDON Terrastar 6m

    *ON ORDER*

    6m Terrastar Light Cultivator

    The Claydon TerraStar is a light rotary cultivator which creates a shallow tilth to encourage volunteers and weeds to chit.  It is also an effective stubble management and slug control tool. It can be used to level fields, improve drainage and incorporate manures. As a mechanical weeder, it reduces the need for glyphosate.

    The TerraStar can be used when soil conditions may be too hard for the Straw Harrow. It is fast and effective with minimal wearing parts, making for low-cost operation. Moving more soil than the Claydon Straw Harrow, the TerraStar leaves the soil structure intact by plucking divots from the top layer of soil leaving the profile undisturbed.


    CLAYDON Evolution Mounted Drill

    *ON ORDER*

    Specification to Confirm.

    Due September/October 2022


    The new Claydon Evolution mounted drill range takes direct strip seeding to the next level. It builds on the company’s 19 years’ experience of this technology, featuring the time-proven leading tine technique, and combines it with new operational functionality.

    With nine new models covering working widths of 3m, 4m, 4.5m, 4.8m, 5m and 6m, hopper size has increased to 1,910 litres for seed only units and a 2,700 litre tank for the 3m 3MF and 4m 4MRF split 50:50 between seed and fertiliser. The larger hoppers reduce downtime and increase output, while second and third hopper options for applying multiple types, varieties and sizes of seed further enhance versatility. Typical daily outputs range from 20ha for the 3m Evolution, which requires a tractor of a minimum of 150hp, to 40ha for the 6m version which needs a minimum of 300hp.

    Seed depth adjustment is controlled hydraulically in the new Evolution range and improved access to the metering unit allows easier calibration. Front-mounted discs which are operated hydraulically from the tractor seat can be specified for seeding into high residue situations. The tried and tested front leading tine followed by 180mm A share is fitted as standard with a wide range of seeding share and boot options. Twin tine and disc kit options can be specified for low disturbance drilling.


    CLAYDON 3m Hybrid Drill

    *2022 DEMO MACHINE*

    3m Mounted Hybrid Drill. (Photos of Grain/fertiliser Drill to show Coulter Specification, not the actual Drill)

    Specification to Include,

    Double Spira Disc Cutting Discs, Twin Tine Coulters, Non Stick Levelling Boards, Bout Markers

    For those who want to minimise soil disturbance, the Claydon “LD” lower disturbance set-up is available for all Hybrid drills. The LD kit will drill directly into stubbles, cover crops, pastures and heavy residues.

    Double discs reduce soil disturbance by cutting through heavy residues and the surface of the soil before the tines create the seeding channel. Using a tine to follow the discs reduces the risks of hairpinning. The discs are 381mm in diameter and can be adjusted from 25mm down to 70mm, the best setting being the same depth as the seeding tine. Removable disc cleaners are fitted as standard to keep the discs running cleaner for longer.  Choose between flat discs for minimal soil movement or fluted Spiradisks for a little more tilth.

    The twin tine, consisting of two 15mm wide points with a unique double leaf design which increases lateral strength for seed depth accuracy. The small amount of tilth created ensures good soil to seed contact. Fertiliser can be placed down the back of the seeding tines, down the front fertiliser tine or surface applied between the two tines. The twin tines seed in row spacings of 14-15cm to give a traditional type of finish.


    CLAYDON Hybrid T4 Drill

    Ex Demonstration, 2021 Year, 4m Folding Trailed Seed Drill Drill.

    Specification to Include,

    Front Press Wheels, Front Tine with Stone Protection, Twin Tine Coulters, Non Stick Levelling Boards

    Versatile, flexible, simple. Drill direct into stubble, mintilled or ploughed land. The ground-breaking leading tine technology loosens compacted ground, introduces air into the soil and creates drainage and tilth for a perfect growing environment in the seeding and rooting zone.

    Our range of trailed seed drills are available with a wide variety of front and rear toolbar options and seeding share and lower disturbance options – for every drilling scenario.

    Fitted with a 3,500l capacity hopper, the T4 can be split 60:40 for seed and fertiliser. The leading tine set up is fitted as standard with a range of front and rear toolbar and tine and disc options available for every sowing scenario. 200 hp is the recommended power requirement.