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    Claydon 4.8m TerraBlade

    Used 4.8m Terrablade Inter-row hoe

    • 4.8m Working width
    • 2018 Year
    • As new condition

    Claydon 3m Evolution Grain Drill

    Ex Demonstration

    • 3m Working width
    • Front cutting discs
    • Leading tine with stone protection
    • 7″ A Shares
    • Rear levelling boards
    • Rear harrow
    • Pre-emergence markers
    • Bout markers

    Claydon 6.3m TerraStar

    Used 2017 Year, 6.3m Terrastar

    • New Rotors
    • New Bearings

    CLAYDON 6.3m TerraStar

    *Demonstration Machine*

    • 6.3m Working Width
    • Rear Harrow Tines

    CLAYDON 7.5m Straw Harrow

    *ON ORDER, Demonstration Machine*

    Claydon Straw Harrows create a micro tilth in the top 30mm of soil, using the retained moisture for fast, even weed germination. They rake out and destroy weeds at the cotyledon and oneā€leaf stage, removing a food source for slugs. Straw Harrows break up slug nests and desiccate their eggs by mixing up and exposing damp chaff and straw to sunlight.

    The robust Claydon Straw Harrows have been designed for fast action and maximum effect. At speeds of up to 25km/h, they shatter straw and break it up for faster decomposition. They can be used before or after cultivations to level soil and create a fine tilth.