Maschio Bufalo 2.8m Flail Mower

Front & Rear CatII/III Mounting, Hydraulic Offset, Double Skin, 1000rpm Gearbox, Hammer Flails, Skids, Heavy Duty Rear Roller.

Maschio Aquila Rapido 6m Folding Power Harrow

6m Folding Power Harrow, 500mm Packer Roller, 24 Rotors, Cat III Linkage, Rated up to 330hp, Quick fit tines.

Hydraulic Depth control, Rear levelling bar, Rear lights.

Maschio Bufalo Flail Mower

Ex Hire,

Maschio Bufalo 280 Heavy Duty Flail Mower, 2.8m Working Width, Front & Rear Mounting, Rated up to 200hp, Double Skin, Skids & Heavy Duty Rear Roller.